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Scripts (based on Windows environment)

As a Windows Systems Administrator, I constantly perform many routine tasks in an effort to manage, maintain and support our corporate Windows environment. Occasionally the need will arise to create scripts that handle a repetitive task in a more efficient way or gets a piece of information that otherwise would be difficult to find out.


L2PT VPN connection for clients

I created a basic PowerShell based script that allows the IT Department to easily deploy an L2PT based VPN connection across all user accounts that allow staff to access our internal network for both store branches (Albany and Henderson) while working from home. This script also maps network drives onto the staff's computer. 

Version 1 of my script (sensitive information omitted) requires deployment in an administrator user account. 


Version 2 of my script works on all user environments with the utilisation of an executable file instead of .PS1


Add Network Drives for clients

I created a basic PowerShell based script that pins Kitchen Cabinets and Stones network drive to a client's quick access tab with a single click which is easier than entering the FQDN or IP address to manually add it.

Version 1 of my script is here

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