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IT Systems / Networking Deployment & Repair

This page is where I will host some of the IT systems or Networking deployments and repairs I have done on site. 


UniFi Access Point Deployment


I was tasked to install a UniFi access point for a part of the downstairs office. This area received reduced signal strength which was verified by using a WiFi analyser.

- I first dropped the ceiling to measure mounting points.

- Took measurements of where the patch panel was and where the AP was. Created an ethernet cable to accommodate for this length.

- Crimped both ends of the ethernet cable and tested for continuity (As you can see, pins 1 and 2 were disconnected so had to redo the crimping on one side).

- Ran ethernet cable from patch panel to designated area.

- Mounted access point, enabled POE on the port, ensured the port was on the correct profile (VLAN)  and adopted the device on the UniFi controller.


UniFi Camera Deployment


I was tasked to install 7 UniFi cameras which will reside in each warehouse alley. 

- We first drew a plan on how we will mount the cables, which switch to connect the cameras, cable distance, and how we will route the cables.

- We then routed 3 cables to one switch (due to availability of ports), and I routed 4 cables to another switch. 

- I connected the ethernet cable connectors and test for continuity using a LAN tester.

- I then ensured that the switch ports that I will be using for the cameras have POE+ enabled and is in their correct port profile (VLAN).

- I then measured the centre point between alleyways and mounted the camera hardware and the cameras.

- I then adopt the cameras on the UniFi NVR, and ensured that the cameras are in their correct orientation.

Screenshot 2022-01-09 114352.png


UniFi Protect UNVR Repair


I was tasked to repair a Unifi Protect UNVR that was displaying symptoms of disconnection. After investigating into this matter further, I realised that

1. There is a blinking white light (When a Unifi product is in operational state and adopted by the controller, it should stay blue)

2. There was no IP address being broadcasted by this device at all, even after attempting multiple power cycles so SSH was not an option in troubleshooting

3. The device shows "Disconnected from 25th December" on the UniFi OS panel.

4. No cameras can be viewed

5. Pressing the "RESET" button on the device did nothing

My first priority is to retain as much data as I can. Since this device holds all our recordings for security cameras, it's important to keep this footage for future reference. After studying the board layout of this device, I realised that a possible failure point was the USB drive. This drive holds the UniFi OS and is a common point of failure in these devices which was backed up by the UniFi Community Forums.

- I first made sure that the device was not under warranty before disassembly. If it was, I could possibly send it for RMA.

- After confirming this, I proceeded to disassemble the device to reveal its internals.

- I located the faulty flash drive, applied low heat using a hair dryer to soften the glue underneath

- Replace the USB drive with a new one (trimmed the plastic of the USB drive to ensure a flush install)

- Assemble the device back together, connect the ethernet and SFP+ connectors

After the initial startup, the device still showed a blinking white LED, but after exploring the Unifi controller, I realised that the UNVR device now established an IP address. After heading to that IP address, I was welcomed by a setup screen, which contains RAID, Unifi username and password, and device name information. After the configuration has been made, the device was now operational with all data retained including recordings and camera information.

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