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About me

Plus points ... I can exit VIM :D


I started out my interest in technology when I was a child, eagerly wanting to figure out how our day-to-day devices worked, I would disassemble things and not know how to assemble them back together (sorry to the faithful tape recorder that sacrificed it's life for me).


A notable memory for me was when I connected a 2.4A adaptor to a tape recorder that only required 0.5A, and yes, it started smoking (during those times, not all devices had amperage protection). As I grew older, I continued on with my interest in how technology worked through mobile phones and computers. I would find broken phones on Facebook marketplace and repair them (Youtube was my best friend at the time). Things like screen replacements, charging port, and battery replacements were the things I would do and I found it quite fascinating how these components work together.


After a few years of doing this and actually making a living out of doing this as a side business (buying cheap broken phones/laptops, fixing them, and selling them for a profit), I wanted to explore something new. I landed an internship as an Information Technology Assistant at a medium-sized company that is rapidly growing. Through this, I found my love for Systems Administration and Networking and attained a job in this field.

Fast forward to now, I'm getting into the world of virtualisation (specifically hyper-v), containerisation (Docker), and self hosted services, slowly learning Linux too. All this through my awesome home lab that I'm setting up!


Bachelor of Computer and Information Science in IT Service Science

Auckland University of Technology                                                                                               March 2018 - December 2021

My major (IT Service Science) focuses on the design and implementation of services-based systems to provide value for both external and/or internal customers. IT Service science deals with interacting systems that encompass people, technology, and business and draw on existing IT disciplines in computer sciences


My digital degree certificate can be viewed here


My graduation status can be viewed in the AUT database here

My most recent academic transcript can be found here



CCNA 1: Computer Network Principals - Provide the knowledge and skills required to build a scalable switched and routed computer network (This was a course I did during my university studies).

Building Modern Python Applications on AWS - In this course, I learned how to build a modern, greenfield serverless backend on AWS. I also explored how to build an API-driven application using Amazon API Gateway for serverless API hosting, AWS Lambda for serverless computing, and Amazon Cognito for serverless authentication. I also learned how to optimize APIs throughout the entire serverless workflow using AWS services in Python.

My certificate can be viewed here

Google IT Support Professional Certificate 

- Learnt how to provide end-to-end customer support, ranging from identifying problems to troubleshooting and debugging
- Learnt to perform day-to-day IT support tasks including computer assembly, wireless networking, installing programs, and customer service
- Learnt to use systems including Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code

My certificate can be viewed here

Professional Memberships

IT Professionals NZ

November 2020 - Present


Certificate can be viewed here

Vaccination Status

I am fully vaccinated (double vaccinated) with the addition of the booster shot (Phizer variant). My COVID passport can be viewed here

Recommendation Letters

Screenshot 2022-01-02 185227.png

A recommendation letter from my full-year project mentor can be found here

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